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General Membership $50.00 per household per year or General Membership + ENP/Security $250.00 per household per year (LHENA & ENP dues are not tax deductible). All members receive a LHENA yard sign & a member directory. ENP Members also receive a sign to attach tothe LHENA sign. Please consider making a capital contribution for special projects (these contributions are tax deductible). You may write one check for dues & special contributions. Learn more about ENP Membership

Please note that the deadline for being included in the 2017 Directory is March 31st.

New! Renew and pay online with Paypal:

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Or Checks should be made payable to LHENA and mailed to:

LHENA Treasurer
P.O. Box 38052
Dallas, Tx 75238-8052

2016 Membership Application
Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association (LHENA)
$50 per household (Dues only)

Name: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________

I/We voluntarily join the Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc. I/We agree to comply with the bylaws of the Corporation, to pay dues as specified by the Board of Directors, and to hold harmless the elected or appointed Offices, Directors or other Members of this Corporation from any claims resulting from decisions made or activities carried on in connection with the conduct of official business of the Corporation. I/We agree that the dues paid entitle me/us to voting membership in this Corporation from January 1 through December 31.




____ Yes, my name may be used for the LHENA directory*

____ Yes, please bring me a yard sign as I do not have one.

We would like your input to make LHENA as effective and valuable as possible!
Please write your answers on the back of this form.

  • What type of special project(s) would you suggest for LHENA?

  • Do you wish to become involved in the LHENA leadership team? If so, how?

  • What would you like to see added to LHENA?

  • Do you have any program suggestions for our quarterly meetings?

* Reminder: Use of the LHENA Membership Directory is to allow the members to have a quick, convenient way to communicate with other members by phone or email, but not to use for bulk-mailings of any size or mass emailing for non-LHENA business. LHENA's membership is annual, and therefore we receive a membership application each year. Should you prefer to not have your name included in the directory for any year, please do not check the box, "Yes, my name may be used in the LHENA directory." Thank you for your cooperation and continued support

® 2016 Lake Highlands Estates Neighborhood Association. Please send comments or questions to