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Found Pets
If you have lost a pet, or if you find a pet, please visit our new LHENA Found Pets page for a new LHENA service aimed at bringing lost pets and owners back together. If you do not see your lost pet posted on this page, please visit the SPCA website for information on finding a lost pet. A good place to start is by calling one of the following numbers:

Animal Control:
Dallas - 214.670.7430 or 214.670.8226
Dallas 24 Hour Emergency - 214.670.5111

Dog and Cat Registration
Dogs and cats must be vaccinated annually for rabies and registered with Animal Control. For more infomration, call 214.671.0106. Read Dallas Notice (PDF)

Other Area Shelters:
Animal Adoption Center Garland - 972.494.5463
Find-a-Pet - 214.827.4359
Operation Kindness - 972.418.7297
SPCA of Texas/Dallas - 1.888.264.6257

Pooper Scooper Law
Did you know Dallas has a Pooper Scooper Law? Chapter 7 of the Dallas City Ordinance, Section 7-4.8 requires the owner, harborer, or a person having care, custody, or control of a dog, to remove in an immediate, and sanitary manner, any feces created by their dog on public property, or any private property not owned, leased, or controlled by them. It further requires those individuals to have in their possession a device for the safe and sanitary removal and disposal of dog feces. Violators may be reported to the City by calling 3-1-1, and they are also subject to citation and possible fine if observed by city officers at any time.

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