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Fire Safety Tips

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Don't store anything, including boxes, on top of electrical wiring in your attic.


When you put storage boxes or any other item on top of electrical wiring, it flattens the copper which increases the resistance within the wire. This increased resistance can cause the wire to heat up over time, potentially causing a fire.

In addition to storage boxes, many homeowners will lay plywood as flooring on top of electrical wires in the attic for additional storage space. This also causes the same type of resistance and the same potential result. Plywood attic flooring is fine, just not on top of electrical wires.

Other Fire Safety Information:

Smoke Detectors
Dallas Fire-Rescue provides free smoke alarms for City of Dallas residents. Click here to make a request. In addition, the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department is now installing smoke alarms for persons who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Click here for more information.

LHENA will be participating in the Adopt-A-Station project, adopting Station #57 on Audelia and Royal. Check back soon for more information about how you can help.

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