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Fire Safety Tips

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Don't plug multiple kitchen appliances into the same outlet. Always use separate outlets.

By plugging two or more kitchen appliances into one outlet, you can overload a circuit. There are generally a number of outlets on each circuit. The circuit may not be able to handle the total load from all the outlets. The problem is compounded if you have double appliances (or extension cords with multiple appliances) on other outlets on the same circuit. That circuit can be overloaded.

Other Fire Safety Information:

Smoke Detectors
Dallas Fire-Rescue provides free smoke alarms for City of Dallas residents. Click here to make a request. In addition, the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department is now installing smoke alarms for persons who are deaf or have hearing impairments. Click here for more information.

LHENA will be participating in the Adopt-A-Station project, adopting Station #57 on Audelia and Royal. Check back soon for more information about how you can help.

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