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Learn about ways to avoid fire danger in your home, smoke detectors and other fire safety tips.

Shed some light on Lake Highlands to stop crime!

Have you ever noticed how many people on your street have their front links on at night? If your street is like mine, there are very few homes that have a porch or exterior light turned on throughout the night. As I walk down my street I am amazed at the number of houses that are completely dark inside and out. I think how easy it could be for a burglar to break in because of the darkness and shadows that surround these houses. Think about the number of crimes that could be prevented if we all made a commitment to turn on our porch lights from dusk to dawn.

There are many products available at our neighborhood hardware/home improvement stores that can make this commmitment easier. Programmable timers and dusk-to-dawn high efficiency light bulbs that have a sensor built right into the bulb are examples of convenient products that cost less than $20 and take the work out of remembering to turn on the front porch light. We can prevent crime in our neighborhood by making small, inexpensive changes to our daily routines. Make a commitment to turn on your proch light tonight!

Crime Reports
The Dallas Police maintain a site where residents can view the latest crime statistics for their area:

LHENA/DPD "Reporting Areas" - 1055, 1070, 1071

DPD Senior Corporal Bert Rippy has given us the following instructions for more details: Via Read through the DPD's Disclaimer and Restriction of Use. Then, enter your "reporting area" (listed above) in the field and enter dates you would like to search. This will pull up the offenses reported during the dates searched. You can then click on the case incident numbers for more detailed information. Remember that you will need to put dates in the "dates searched" field in order for it to pull up information.

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Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) Program
Got a car and a pair of eyes? We need you! This is a group of LHENA Volunteers who patrol in their cars and report anything suspicious to 9-1-1 and 3-1-1. This is a non confrontational group and does not carry weapons. Members choose the time and days they can volunteer. Members must first complete a background check and VIP training through the Dallas Police Department in order to participate. A VIP group is the number one thing a neighborhood can do to help control crime. If you are interested in joining or for more information, please contact us at

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